This poem made me feel a lot of emotions. The trapped bird Rodriguez-Araque gado por diego fajardo · Pembaca. Rodríguez Araque, Alí. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde. La Habana: Editora Política. Google Scholar. Chávez first appointed Alí Rodríguez Araque, well-known oil nationalist .. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

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The situation left after all the above narrated, is very difficult because the model of Bolivarian Socialism is in serious trouble: They all work to destroy the model and for that purpose they wage a real war in the mass media front, in the economical front, in the financial front, in the internal political and social desestabilization front.

This means we have to make the model work fluidly. From then on his weakness grew steadily through December, and January,to enter in an s that rose to a pick the first days of March, till he passes away, on Tuesday, March, 5th, It is proven fact of history that war re a resource than can be used any moment by this arch-enemies of Socialism, but the complexities of a world in which communications have grown in an exponential way sort of have left it as their last resource and, of course, we will always keep in mind that it is a pending peril.

Venezuelan Events in Context. They use all sort of means: On top of that, public and private buses are set on fire, public and private buildings are harassed and invaded to loot computers, TV sets and furniture.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

Leave a comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. During this lapse of three months, the local opposition increased the actions of sabotage to the electric national wraque, to the economy with speculation, hoarding, extraction smuggling of subsidized products and reached a climax in post electoral protests of April,when spurred by the inflamed words of the candidate that lost the presidential elections, took the street and set fire to party houses of the PSUV, popular health clinics, public libraries and left olvidr balance of more than 11 killed and dozens of wounded.

The social monitoring and control of the spending is exercised directly by the community as also by official Comptrollers of the State.

Although the government has strongly fought the extraction smuggling and the internal deviation of food to be sold y parallel to the public and private sale points, the shortage of consumables has not been completely avoided; 8. There cannot be exceptions. Which are the answers to these questions? Crime has also to be stroked with energy.


This has to cease and the only way is that this acts of corruption have to be prosecuted and punished. There is something else that has to be taken into account. Because, the vanguard may start a process of education and cultural progress for children and youth that will impact the future, albeit the partisans of the revolution that out off their enthusiasm to get rid of years of very bad conservative governments voted in the polls for its victory are not properly prepared cadres of a socialist process, nevertheless you can count them in for the revolution but keeping in mind that they will be subject to all sort of pressures directed towards habits from the past to induce a change in the electoral trend.

Less revenue of US dollars because the decrease of world oil prices plus the reduction of the oil export national offer because much is used to pay for advanced currency The Chinese Fund ; 7. The business of buying dollars at a very cheap price VEB 6,30, or VEB 10 or VEB 49 and selling them a VEB 99 is invincible, no other activity can overcome this one and not even a saint brought from heaven may do anything to change if we stand still and the actual currency exchange system remains the same.

Shortage of medicines and manufactured goods; 3. Once stated this, we can establish that the immediate menace is the destruction of the Venezuela Revolutionary Model to show the world that there is no viability of it because it only generates impoverishment, chaos, criminality, diseases and death. This happened in august, and Chavez won it with a handsome majority.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

What we are actually doing is not enough. It is a necessary measure to save the path to follow towards it. Who Is Eladio Aponte. This is the front in which we have to fight each day of our existence.

I am talking about Popular Power that rodriguezz implemented through Communal Councils and Communes the gathering of various Communal Councils. This route has to answer many questions, like: We also have an incipient capacity of social industries related to food production ke textiles. We have no doubt that his gigantic leadership capacities kept under rocriguez this inherited trends from the previous thirty years of local political life, albeit, after President Chavez fell ill, overall the last six months before his earthly departure and since he passed away, the sack ripped and appetites moved fast and freely.

This stimulates people to anxiously keep on searching for a benefit taken from the work of others and in its deviations many people even assume criminal behaviors in order to fill their pockets with money no matter if it is by fraud sf plain hold up.


We have a final word for what we think is the biggest contribution of the Bolivarian and Socialist Revolution as a creation that enhances Democracy. Corruption and crime must be diminished drastically with the direct action of special police, prosecutors, judges and penitentiaries. The Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chavez in clearly opted to undergo political, economic and social changes within the scope of Oolvide through a gradual process.

If we add the political factor to the scenery we will find more complexities to face and solve.

Non-existing or poor production efficiency of manufactures; 6. All this is very difficult to combat in an open and democratic society. Pol Pot had a solution: This environment is not just floating around rodrivuez country is building a model to change society structures and move away from capitalism, no, it is organized and guided by centers of economic and financial power that have control of governments of USA, Canada and countries of Europe.

Albeit, the difficulty was overcome and, step by step, retired managers, workers, military, all loyal to the Revolution, normalized the situation and defeated the new intent to overthrow President Chavez.

November 26, Change text size: It should be a regulated area with open access to the national market.

Albeit, none of that diminished the economic war, the sabotage, on the contrary it got worse, overall after the MUD opposition parties organization decided to abandon the dialogue without a public explanation. Username or Email Address.

Socialism stands from a different moral principle: We have a perception there is none. I cannot leave behind a word about the defense of the Revolution because we are always thinking about an epical armed struggle against the natural enemies which are the conservative forces and specially the Imperialism.

We think is time that instead of only delivering land to pheasants that individually or in groups sow it, the Venezuela Government creates corporations like PDVSA in order to, in an organized and technical and financial supported way, generates a vigorous output of agricultural products.

We can picture than the first week of the application of the measure the dollar will hit a peak of perhaps VEB or more per dollar, but also we can bet that many buyers of dollars at the actual parallel exchange rate of VEB 99 or less, will start selling them and as the price declines the trend to sell will speed up until it settles for a substantial lower rate.