Book One in the Draco Trilogy, written by Cassandra Clare. “When an accident in Potions class turns Harry into Draco and Draco into Harry, each is trapped. The Draco Trilogy is a Draco-centric epic written and posted in instalments by Cassandra Clare over a period of six years, consisting three novel-length stories: . I just reread Draco Dormiens, the first novel in Cassandra Claire’s Draco Trilogy. The works have been deleted by the author, but if you look for.

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Not only are the characters one-dimensional, dumb, and distractingly different from the original and trust me, I’m not opposed to fans developing their own versions of existing charactersbut Hogwarts is not what it used to be. Sorry if I gave that impression. Fittingly enough, the controversy had two major results: I also understand that she loves her characters.

That makes sense, actually, if it was published prior to OotP.

Another fan described the wait for the next fiction installment: Since the launch of Cassandra Claire’s profic career, the stories have been taken down, although it is possible to find them circulating by email and file sharing sites, and has even been reuploaded trklogy the form of a blog.

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Some people were pissy about that for some reason, but she wrote it, she can put it wherever she wants IMO. Draco In Leather Pants.

But I enjoyed your review and commentary. Sign In Don’t have an account? Two characters might have a lengthy conversation which Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans will recognise as dialogue from the show, or Harry might answer a question with the words of a character from Babylon 5.


Look, I don’t even care that plagiarized her fanfiction. Submit a new text post. Once The Mortal Instruments series was over or, at least, I thought it wasI felt that perhaps Clare might be able to leave her old writing behind and embark on something brand new. I would definitely recommend it to any fans of the canon Harry Potter franchise, and I’m looking forward to reading the next two installments.

I am a writer. Why is it that fanfiction is now suitable to get a Goodreads profile? As you may have guessed from the title, Draco plays a way bigger part in this fanfic as in the original books.

Hermione has always been the character of the main three who was most perceptive to emotions.

Why I Have a Problem with Cassandra Clare & Why You Should Too. | life & what-have-you

Among the secondary characters, I was surprised by how wise Sirius was. She did wrong but she has already paid for it, in triilogy opinion, with all the bitter criticism she has received. The characters are plain and uninteresting, and the only thing they seem to care about is love.

And the things she plagiarised were the things that made her work good, and without it, her work is vastly inferior to the fanfiction that made her popular and snagged the attention of Holly Black.

Just wondering if you had any thoughts on that? As I remembered it, Draco Dormiens is an excellent fanfiction novel. I recently reread the original blog postings that were written by the person who caught the plagiarism, and what they caught was huge passages that were taken from a published series of books cassanera were out of print at the time.

It does not seem wrong to me. What was apparently the problem though I only know about it secondhand was her uncredited borrowing from The Hidden Land by Pamela Dean. Reblogged this on Currently Untitled and commented: Of course, with the original series the author cassanddra plagiarize any lines or passages from other authors Static snapshots of the search results can be viewed here and here Date: Books by Cassandra Claire.


I’d never interacted with any fan community, I didn’t know anyone who wrote fanfiction This is Part 1 of the infamous Draco Trilogy written by Cassandra Claire, before she changed her name to Cassandra Clare when she became a published author. Among the secondary characters, I was surprised by how wise Sirius was.

The relatively short length suits Draco Dormiens. Claire has said that she considers the Trilogy slash, in the sense that it has gay characters in it. Okay, did she understand any of it?

Draco Dormiens

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: No direct links to sexual or suggestive content involving minors. Romance, mistaken identities, Really Cunning Plans, evil bake sales, a love triangle, and snogs galore. The need to keep this a secret, the even greater need to find an antidote and avoid a conspiration against Harry’s life, and a love triangle where both Draco and Harry are interested in Hermione, power the plot of the novel.

In any case, I still have to respect the triloogy and the extenuating work of writing such fanfiction novels. As a huge, longtime fan of her hilarious and in-depth Draco Trilogy, I knew I absolutely had to read the first book of her trilogy when it came out.