In this article, Christian Rebisse presents the history and narratives of the three Rosicrucian Manifestos published in , , and —the Fama. Confessio Fraternitatis or The Confession of the Laudable Fraternity of the Most Honorable Order of the Rosy Cross, Written to All the Learned. The Rosicrucian Manifestos: Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis. Originally published anonymously in and The contents of this docu-.

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Books by Arthur Edward Waite.

Were it not good that we needed not to care, not to fear hunger, poverty, sickness and age? At this time it is enough fraternifatis those which do not despise our declaration, having therefore briefly touched it, thereby to prepare the way for their acquaintance and friendship with us.

Roskenkreuz worked on the book with other members of the order; the m. Airr Naranja marked it as to-read Dec 19, God is far otherwise pleased, for he exalteth the lowly, and pulleth down the proud with disdain; to those which are of few works, he sendeth his holy Angel to speak with them, but the unclean babblers he driveth in the wilderness and solitary places. All the which, when it shall once be abolished and removed, and instead thereof a right and true rule instituted, then there will remain thanks unto them which have taken pains therein.

The Rosicrucian Confessio Fraternitatis

You, however, for whom it is enough to be serviceable out of curiosity to any ordinance, or who are dazzled by the glistering of gold, or who, though now upright, might.

NNA News for civil society. Lists with This Book. According to the Confessio a fundamental requisite to achieve this knowledge is ” that we be earnest to attain to the understanding and knowledge of philosophy ” and the Rosicrucian Brothers describe themselves as Christian ” What think you, loving people, and how seem you affected, seeing that you now understand and know, that we acknowledge ourselves truly and sincerely to profess Christ ” but not in the exotericpopular Christianity sense ” condemn the Pope, ” but as an esoteric Christianity: In Germany all their abominations and detestable tricks have been disclosed, that thereby he may fully fulfill the measure of sin, and draw near to the end of his punishment.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Anabela Costa rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Public domain Public domain false false. The which is the right reward of the Romish seducers, who have vomited forth their blasphemies against Christ, and as yet do not abstain from their lies in this clear shining light.

File:Confessio Fraternitatis.jpg

As in the human head there are two organs of hearing, two of sight, and two of smell, but onely one of speech, and it were but vain to expect fraterniratis from the ears, or hearing from the eyes, so there have been ages which have seen, others which have heard, others again that have smelt and tasted. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

They spread because they brought to expression a general discomfort with the cultural, spiritual and political situation in Europe for which above all the rule of the Catholic Habsburg Monarchy fraterniattis made responsible. Madison marked it as to-read Nov 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. These characters and letters, as God hath here and there incorporated them in the Sacred Scriptures, so hath He imprinted them most manifestly on the wonderful work of creation, on the heavens, the earth, and on fraterniatis beasts, so that fraternitqtis the mathematician predicts eclipses, so we prognosticate the obscurations of the church, and how long they shall last.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Even in such manner as heretofore, many godly people have secretly and altogether desperately pushed at the Pope’s tyranny, which afterwards, with great, earnest, and especial zeal in Germany, was thrown from his seat, and trodden underfoot, whose final fall is delayed, and kept for our times, when he also shall be scratched in pieces with nails, and fraternittatis end be made of his ass’s cry, by a new voice.

Email this via Gmail Email this via Yahoo! And moreover, excellent wits ought not to be drawn to the tincture of metals, before they be exercised well in the knowledge of Nature.

There is the possibility that it may refer to the rebirth process, a central tenet teaching of groups having, or claiming to have, a Rosicrucian philosophy. The Brethren of Purity and the Sufis were united in many points of doctrine.

Wherefore should we not with all our hearts rest and remain in the only truth which men through so many erroneous and crooked ways do seek if it had only pleased God to lighten unto us the sixth Candelbrium? Wesselius, aQuarto. So there hath been ages or times which have seen, there have also been ages that have heard, smelt, and fraternltatis.

Confessio Fraternitatis – Wikipedia

Wherefore there shall cease all servitude, falsehood, lies, and darkness, which by little and little, with the great world’s revolution, was crept into all arts, works, and governments of men, and have darkened the most part of them. Also, it is not our custom to prostitute and make so common the Holy Scriptures; for there are innumerable expounders of the same; some alleging and wresting it to serve for their opinion, some to scandal it, and most wickedly do like it to a nose of wax, which alike should serve the divines, philosophers, physicians, and mathematicians, against all the which we do openly witness and acknowledge, that from the beginning of the world there hath not been given unto men a more worthy, a more excellent, and more admirable and wholesome Book than the Holy Bible.

If there be any body now which on the other side wil complain of our discretion, that we offer our treasures so freely and indiscriminately, and do not rather regard more the godly, wise, or princely persons then the common people, with him we are in no wise angry for the accusation is not without momentbut withall we affirm that we have by no means made common property of our arcana, albeit they resound in five languages within the ears of the vulgar, both because, as we well know, they will not move gross wits, and because the worth of those who shal be accepted into our Fraternity will not be measured by their curiosity, but by the rule and pattern of our revelations.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia. But to the false hypocrites, and to those that seek other things than wisdom, we say and witness by these presents publicly, we cannot be made known, and be betrayed unto them; and much less they shall be able to hurt as any manner of way without the will of God; but they shall certainly be partakers of all the punishment spoken of in our Fama; so their wicked counsels shall light upon themselves, and our treasures shall remain untouched and unstirred, until the Lion doth come, who will ask them for his use, and employ them for the confirmation and establishment of his kingdom.

Ye that are wise eschew such books, and turn unto us, who seek not your moneys, but offer unto you most willingly our great treasures. If there be somebody now, which on the other side will complain of our discretion, that we offer our treasure so freely, and without any difference to all men, and do not rather regard and respect more the godly, learned, wise, or princely persons, than the common people; those we do not contradict, seeing it is not a slight and easy matter; but withal we signify so much, that our Arcana or secrets will no ways be common, and generally made known.

For it is to be taught and believed, that this our unhoped forwilling offer will raise many and divers thoughts in men, unto whom as yet be unknown Miranda sexta aetatis, or those which by reason of the course of the world, esteem the things to come like unto the present, and are hindered through all manner of importunities of this our time, so that they live no otherwise in the world, than blind fools, who can, in the clear sun-shine day discern and know nothing, than only by feeling.

This file is lacking author information. What was intended with the Fama was a novel in which the idea of reformation of Sciences and Arts in which a Hermetic tradition of European origin is well established. Now, whatsoever hath been said in the Fama, through hatred of impostors, against confesslo transmutation of metals and the supreme medicine of the world, we desire to be so understood, that this so great gift of God we do in no manner set at naught, but as it bringeth not always with it the knowledge of Nature, while this knowledge bringeth forth both that and an infinite frafernitatis of other natural miracles, it is right that we be rather earnest to attain to the knowledge of philosophy, nor tempt excellent wits to the tincture of metals sooner then to the observation of Nature.