WebSphere Message Broker(IIB) Interview Questions and AnswersApril 21, In “IIB”. COALESCE Function in ESQL, DB2 and Oracle. WMB is an ESB from IBM. To learn WMB or any ESB tool, you need to understand the concepts of ESB and Integration and then the vendor. Refer the IBM redbook for WMB Basics (Red book) (Even this is for an basic Unix skills, networking skills, database skills, ESQL skills etc.

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July 18, at If you have performance requirements, then you should be designing your flow with those in mind, including making sure to know when you actually need to copy the message at all.

Declares one or more variables that can be used to store temporary values.

:: View topic – Basic in ESQL

Mon Jan 24, 5: Therefore, CopyMessageHeaders can be a performance win if the body is large. Go through the below articles for more samples and study materials: I would like readers to post their suggestions and add more learning info that may help beginners… Happy learning….


It takes a certain amount of time, and that time may be unexpected in certain cases. Changes the field pointed to by a target reference variable.

Re-throws the current exception if any. Uses rules defined in WHEN clauses to select a block of statements to execute. Detaches and destroys a portion of a message tree, allowing its memory to be reused.

ESQL statements

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Iterates through a list for example, a message array. This statement is optional and is used in an ESQL file to explicitly identify the schema that contains the file.

However, if it has been parsed, then it will be a tree copy instead SOA concepts Service oriented architecture Read about basics of message protocols: Somewhere over the Rainbow this side of Never-never land.

SET statement Evaluates a source expression, and assigns the result to the target entity.

Message tree manipulation statements:. Processes a sequence of statements, then evaluates a condition expression.

It is not a performance hit to do either one of these. Notify me of new comments via email. WMB for beginners Posted on May 16, by vishnu. I would like readers to post their suggestions and add more learning info that may help beginners…. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Updates the values of specified rows and basic in a table in an external database.


Mon Jan 24, 4: And in general, you supposed to have basic Unix skills, networking skills, database skills, ESQL skills etc. But don’t edit or change them, either, as that will make your code much harder to maintain.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But it is not an impact of any kind outside of a specific set of predefined goals for stated performance requirements.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Log in to check your private messages. Stops processing the current function or procedure and passes control back to the caller.

Evaluates a condition expression, and if it is TRUE executes a sequence of statements. Eeql Jan 23, 9: If you have no performance requirements, then it doesn’t matter if you call CopyMessageHeaders a thousand times in the same compute node.