The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness is a parody sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition. It was released for April Fool’s Day A ExXxalted – Scroll of Swallowed Darkness – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of CCP hf. and one printed. White Wolf made a joke product called ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness (a porn setting for Exalted) for april first. There is two versions.

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At this point I don’t even care how autistic the other players might be. How the fuck am I supposed to generate a character from this mess? Pretty sure this group was a lot like others of its form: I love the tension that comes from being put into situations where I have to choose between long-term goals and the character’s family. What makes you think that ruling is the case?

No Web Links Found. Wyld mutations, surgery, thaumaturgy, etc. And reported them directly to the admin. I know there’s a Master geomancy ritual, isn’t there a thing with the Wyld?

Exxxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Players are five Essence 2 Solars yeah, I’m an asshole and capped Essence at 2 for chargen. Since then, she found out about the Great Curse and realized thanks to that that the Usurpation needed to happen, so she let go of a lot of the rage at the Realm, the Immaculate Doctrine, and scrokl Wyld Hunt.

If nothing else we’ll learn how not to act from them.

Except when you looked closer, the petals were actually different forms of currency. The plans didn’t get that far. You may have a rightful gripe that exigents coming third in delays the old classical splats, though. One or both parts of the soul can become ghost sindependently of one another.

Thanks to Wyld mutations, there’s probably more people in Creation with purple hair, heterochromia, and functioning genitals of both sexes than there are wandering homeless Exalts. It’s not something that can be accomplished.


That works for a lot of his stuff, like relationships and causes and whatnot, but I wonder if it can replace Virtues.

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Somehow everything continues without descending into typical freeforming zero-effect “you can’t touch me” or even a hint of OOC drama. So it seemed pretty feasible to me that he could take the Unconquered Sun by aping his supreme powers and having the collective power and hopes and dreams of the Dragonblooded behind him.

Anonymous Tue Oct 21 Here’s something good for a Temperate character who embodies wu wei: What might a Solar loyal to the Great House that birthed them be dxxxalted to do in the Threshold to help them without telegraphing that they were helping?

The leak is massively incomplete. It’s vague with possibilities of others being slapped with the term. What were some memorable ones that stick out in your mind?

If I have to grin and bear it he’d better goddamned bend a ittle I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The system’s just more flexible in that you can value things other than those four virtues. We ended up curing the Great Contagion and basically being the reason why Deathlords seem too busy to be threatening. His anima banner was a shining tree that have off shining flower petals.

How do I find a group? Does the sound of cries echoing in your ears inspire you to greatness or great size? All Posts OPs Only.

Leave empty for any. If so, this could be a huge improvement. It’s in the linklist in the OP. The BBEG is repelled, Azula and the King use wizardry to split off from the earthlings into their own bodies and send those two to keep heroing, while they dial down the tyranny and try to become the benelovent rulers of the world.


New Charms to use in your Exalted game. And it’s more interesting to try to think of what would be a worthy sacrifice or when it would fail him than to dismiss the idea. All of that being the case, there’s two questions: His attacks all either bring about the image of one of those beasts to strike with him, or summons an ephemeral specter of it that persists for long enough to strike on its own before vanishing.

Basically, the character was born to an up-and-coming political power couple in one of the Great Houses of the Realm. Who determines if I’m acting in accord with it? So, I’ve got the nucleus of a backstory concept but I’m just completely unsure where to take it.

Meru being scoured by the Sun itself, large chunks of it ablating away revealing a pure orichalcum pillar, the banner itself radiating a palpable sensation of hatred and thirst for preemptive vengeance. Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show non-deleted posts. DVs are definitely better, and perfects better still, but in 2. Just saying that it’s a really good idea to have as good of a soak as is feasible for your character once you have your DVs and at least one character-appropriate perfect defense is all.

They’re free stunt points. It’s impossibly broad and subject to way too much interpretation. And what happens when he’s not in dinoform? Someone who has a high-rating intimacy almost certainly has that intimacy because they feel strongly about the topic and feel it’s a core part of their personality. So someone who lives his life embodying wu wei would be: I did mean it as inseparate from the plot.