Grip of the Shadow Plague is the third book in the Fablehaven Series. Publisher’s Summary Strange things are afoot at Fablehaven. Someone or something has. Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star. Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague. Fablehaven: Secret of the Dragon Sanctuary. Fablehaven: Keys to the Demon. Someone has released a plague in Fablehaven. Creatures of light are becoming dark beings. Will Kendra’s and Seth’s powers be enough to stop the disease?.

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The reason for this is because through the pages of Grip of the Shadow Plague, I met a lot of new characters and creatures, learned more information about the old ones and dove deeper into the world of Fablehaven.

Seth really became a major player in this book. I like Mull’s creativity and energy. Patton helps Seth and Kendra shut down the plague using a stone provided by the Fairy Queen and Lena dies when they shut down the plague.

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Seth, Grandpa, Dale, and Warren head off to the old manor to recover the artifact. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. She also learns that being the “hero” sometimes comes at a great cost. I skimmed over these parts when reading silently to myself, but reading fablehvaen aloud is awful! There is dark tones. Will the Society of the Evening Star recover it first? Plxgue Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Kendra’s adventure was wild and full of magic and difficult situations, as she journeyed to find artifacts before the Evening Star and its leader.

Kendra can recharge magical artifacts, see in the dark, control fairiesglow very brightly, and talk to many magical creatures like Seth. Never mind that Seth grows serious when left to his own thr and starts to realize that one really must give thought before action.

Finally though, Seth delivered on the promise that his personality offered glimpses of in the first two books. Read reviews that mention shadow plague fablehave mull grip of the shadow harry potter year old knights of the dawn kendra and seth magical creatures fablehaven series highly recommend wait for the next great book lost mesa young adult society of the evening page turner gets better main characters seth and kendra even though.


Grip of the Shadow Plague (Fablehaven) | Reading Length

Grip of the Shadow Plague starts several weeks after the events of Rise of the Evening Star with Kendra being invited to join the Knights of Dawn, a secret society which function is to protect all the magical preserves across the globe. Two hidden artifacts have been found. After palgue plague is stopped Dougan came to escort Plzgue home. Keys to the Demon Prison Fablehaven. Mul I enjoy the Fablehaven series, and this third one was very good. Fablehaven might really fall in this book and they have no one to help them but the people and creatures within Fablehaven which of course as in all the other novels falls to Seth and Kendra, mostly falling on Kendra’s shoulders.

The Dragonwatch series is available now! For the most part Kendra actually comes across as a real 14 almost fifteen year old in this novel, to the point that she’s thinking about whether or not a boy likes here during a death threatening mission.

They have to make quite a few very difficult choices and they grow in the process. As light creatures can enter most places throughout the preserve, shasow same rules frip to the more darkened form of them.

This one, the writer came to the forefront with a technique that felt “forced. This is what makes this series truly, well, magical — the preserves are characters of its own.

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Fablehaven – Brandon Mull

Mull does a good job showing Seth’s growth as he begins to understand that with courage is the responsibility to think through the choices he makes. Seth discovers the problem in its infancy, but as the infectious disease spreads, it becomes clear sadow the preserve cannot hold out for long.

Meanwhile, Kendra is inducted to the Knights of Dawn, and is given a mission to help recover and recharge the secret artifact at the Lost Mesa preserve. Kendra depended a lot on her special powers but without significant powers like her sister Seth was doing a great job. I love both of these series but if you ask me what happened in The Necromancer or Battle of the Labyrinth, I will likely just give you a two-sentence long summary or worse, a blank stare. Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary.

This felt like such a huge journey, even if the book was not that big, something that makes me super excited for the rest of the books. It took me two months to finish this book. The Shadow Plague is spreading fast and they must find a way to stop it before in consumes the entire magical preserve making Fablehaven just a part of history.


Grip of the Shadow Plague

Rise grio the Evening Star” leaves off, during the same summer of the second year at Fablehaven. Someone or something has released a plague that transforms beings of light into creatures of darkness.

There were some things I really liked about this book, though. Who can stop the Sphinx? However, she also learns that Seth has brought Patton to the future for three days using the Chronometer. Only the loss of tension through scene-switching which didn’t work well in this case drug this down into the four-star realm. Middle part books are always the one that is the most forgettable and there are cases when these books are just fodders.

Upon returning to Fablehaven, Kendra learns from Lena the water nymph who had married Patton that the artifact is hidden in the old, now haunted, manor. And most importantly the real traitor and enemy was discovered. But if you ask me about the first book or the finale, I would tell you everything in detail and with vigor your ears might bleed. Retrieved from ” https: I was on the waiting list for about 4 months for this one. Inside the Quiet Box, Vanessa might have information that could lead to a cure—but can she be trust?

Grip of the Shadow Plague, by Brandon Mull. I hope we get more of an explanation in the next book as to why he chose the path he did.

This installment takes us to new locations as some of our characters leave Fablehaven to go on a mission to find another artifact. Shqdow things are afoot at Fablehaven.

The siblings are put to the test as the threat grows both abroad and home at the Fablehaven preserve, and Brandon Mull spins his richest and most thrilling fantasy tale yet in this third title of the popular fantasy series.