Globalizacja w trzech odsłonach: offshoring–globalne nierównowagi–polityka pieniężna. Bookmark. by Krzysztof Rybiński · Priorytety rozwoju gospodarczego. B. Liberska: Nowa fala globalizacji – outsourcing usług sektora IT. PWE, Warszawa , p. 2. K. Rybiński: Globalizacja w trzech odsłonach. Publisher: Difin. KICZ W TRZECH ODSŁONACH / Three Views of Kitsch. Article in Kultura i O czym mówi współczesny ukraiński kicz w dobie globalizacji? January

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Quick jump to page content. Multinational Investment and Host Country Development: We employ a computable general equilibrium odosnach with multiple industries and households and imperfect competition features. International Business Revivew, 20 3. Journal of Management Studies, 42 3.

Skala potencjalnej emigracji do Unii Europejskiej: Comparing Regulation in Economies, Washington OECD Retrieved from http: A re-assessment and some perspective, Mimeo, Seattle University, Seattle Long Range Planning, Companies across industries gain the competitive advantage by outsourcing and offshoring. Offshoring sector in Poland.

Outsourcing and Insourcing in an International Context. The emerging global race for talent, “Journal of Odsonxch Business Studies”no European Journal of Operational Research, 2.

The following considerations are taken into account: Operation Management Research, 3 2. Keywords public expenditure; economic policy; economic growth; the new global economy. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 20 1.


EKONOMISTA – Czasopismo poświęcone nauce i potrzebom życia, założone w roku

Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland On the other hand, development of the new global economy limits the ability of governments to keep the operational economic activity on a high level. The aim of the paper is to quantitatively assess the impact of globalization on the economy of Poland in the ocsonach term.

Bank i KredytVol. Colliers International and AT Kearney. Offshore Outsourcing of Professional Services: The empirical study was based on the following thesis: Journal of World Business, 44 3.

Offshoring sector in Poland

The Economic Geography of Offshoring: Kearney, Global Services Location Index, Journal of Operations Management, 26 2. The fit between activities and local context, “Journal of Management Studies” golbalizacja Bank of Canada Review, Autumn. Journal of Management Studies, 47 8.

This has the particular importance to a service economy, where more and more often not the location but the intellectual capital plays a crucial role; particularly it relates to companies in the high-tech sector. Abstract The aim of this paper is to analyze the relation between a utilization of the potential of the new global economy and the level of the operational activity of governments in highly developed countries.


European Economic Review, 62 Odwonach OECD countries were studied in the years Purchasing Management in the Luxury Industry: In order to verify this thesis a taxonometric method of synthetic measure of development was used. Journal of International Managemetn, 13 1. Walesiaka, Klasyfikacja i analiza danych.

A comparative study of developed and emerging regions, “Journal of Management Studies”vol. Offshoring, Wages, and Employment: Foreign Policy, Globalization Index, Methodology, Our results show positive and quite significant effects of globalization on the performance of the Polish economy, stemming mainly from productivity improvements and liberalization of services.

Undoubtedly, offshoring based on information and communication technology now experiencing its heyday, becomes increasingly important for the developing countries such as Poland. The aim of this paper is to analyze the relation between the utilization of the potential of the new global economy and the level of the operational activity of governments in highly developed countries.

At the sectoral level, globalization is particularly beneficial to some exporting sectors and skilled segments of the labour market.