GoldWave is a commercial digital audio editing software product developed by GoldWave Inc, . Español · Français · 한국어 · Italiano · Polski · Português · Suomi · Tiếng Việt · 中文 · Edit links. This page was last edited on 22 December This app module enhances access and usage of Goldwave audio editor. Goldwave and keyboard commands, refer to Goldwave Manual. GoldWave is a digital audio editor that offers an array of functionalities such as See more apps in Tom’s Guide for more Windows Information and Windows.

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This allows you to edit huge maual provided the required drive space is available. If you edit or record large files, Windows will start swapping memory to the hard drive, which significantly degrades performance and may cause defects when recording. The drawback is that the size of the files must be small enough to fit in the available RAM.

Download GoldWave (Free) for Windows

You can configure almost any function and effect, even the appearance of Control Properties windows. Some dynamic effects, such as DopplerPanand Shape Volume start previewing audio based on the current glldwave time value. Since it is not possible for one channel to be longer than the other, the end of esapol cut channel is padded with silence this is also true for Delete.

However with excessive pops and clicks or at low tolerance levels, reconstructed waveforms may overlap and sound distorted. The rate of modulation is espapl with the Frequency value. By right-clicking the mouse pointer over any status item that has a menu icon on its right side, the unit or format for that status item can be changed. Click the middle mouse button or the wheel button to display a menu to configure the behaviour of the mouse wheel. If a file type supports customized attributes, then the Attributes label will become a link you can choose to display a configuration window.


Only a small amount of RAM is required for each opened sound. The smaller the bitrate kbps numberthe smaller the file will goldwve. You can record in one file while playing the other.

Some file types only store a subset of all the items given in the File Information window. You can make stereo or mono editionsor even just editing one channel. Finally, choose OK to see the Recording Control. This increases the length of the sound. When a click is detected, the filter attempts to reconstruct the damaged waveform based on the surrounding waveform shape making the repair almost imperceptible.

Choose the Add Effect button.

This is often used to see the phase difference between two equal espaaol signals. A short time frequency analysis graph is drawn with the left channel in green and the right channel in red. A value of 50 halves the envelope, which halves the amount removed. Audio editors Shareware Windows multimedia software software Software companies of Canada.

This is often used to een the phase difference between two equal frequency signals. Retrieved from ” https: A time of Control Properties Play Properties The Play Properties page contains options to configure the green and yellow play buttons and set the speed for rewind and fast forward.

Click sspaol hold the left mouse button. Type in a new name for the preset in the drop down list. In the top right area of the window are controls to set the playback device’s volume, balance, and speed. Please note that due to recent changes in NVDA, audio selection and other status commands may not work as expected in some systems.

Use the Point box to select the current point. The first available and attached joystick is used. See Editing Overview for more information about selecting part of a file. GoldWave is composed of three windows: This means that when you delete the selection, the amplitudes at both the start and finish markers will be more closely matched near zero. Holding just the control key scrolls vertically, when zoomed in vertically.


Download GoldWave 6.30 for Windows

The first processed file will have a track number of 01, then the next file will have 02, etc. It groups together and manages all the Sound windows. Right-click on the fader to display a popup menu to quickly set the balance left, right, or center. Change the analysis time so that it coincides with a time in the sound where only the noise is heard use the preview button to play the file to find such a place and time.

The arrow will change into a target crosshair. Most cards support 16 bit quality, but more recent cards support 24 bit quality. The frequency analysis graph can help determine that golrwave.

GoldWave Manual

Save Selection As saves the selected part of wn sound to a file. Information is stored in mnaual file types only, such as. Example Record for 35 minutes on Tuesday at 7: Select the part of the sound you want to keep. Adjust the start time as required.

Any audio below this level is considered silence and is subject to removal, provided it has a long enough duration. As an alternative, you can use the Copy To command to save the selection to a separate file or use the AutoTrim command to automatically trim silences.