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The most popular them are Betawee a very aggressive style based on striking from Jakarta and from west and central Java the styles of Cimande a flowing hard, fast hand styleCikalon and Sambot. We are very honored to be allowed to learn and teach his style. Each Pendekar knows what he knows and from this point learns and tries to develop further. Training shall be fun, healthy and also an element of developing self-awareness and the extension of personal possibilites.

Pencak Silat is considered a hybrid martial art. Edwel Datuk Rajo Gampo Alam edwelrajogampoalam yahoo. Kru Pedro went to Indonesia looking for the ground fighting styles of Java and Sumatra.

In the province of Agam he was declared Datuk clan elder. Training in nature is part of the silat tradition. The main styles of Silat came from west Sumatra and west Java.

Pencak Silat Harimau Singgalang by Haji Syofian Nadar | indofighters

Since then, Silat is an important part of the Muay Sangha grappling curriculum. Within the Harimau style there are 5 different sub-systems: He is a nearly endless source and a big inspiration.

It is great to see that many positive spiritual skills are still alive inside of the ancient art of Silat. The first elements taught are learning and controlling the basic movementslike basic postures, arm and leg techniques and defensive movements.


In Silat low standing positions are part of the training.

Pendakars show villagers their fighting skills in a fluid, rhythmic dance accompanied by native instruments. From there they spread throughout the rest of the islands.

Pak Edwel ist one of the most reknowed sources of authentic Silek Harimau, one of the oldest and most effective traditional styles. What is Anak Harimau. Training always requires an respectful athmosphere. Ancient masters sharing their skills.

The most amazing part of Pencak Silat is its philosophy. Another aspect of Silat is the development of inner power and magic. The most famous style by far is the Ainggalang or tiger style.

MUAY SANGHA “A Path for Spiritual Warriors”

Pencak Silat Anak Harimau tries to study ‘Silek’ in its most original ways. Ethical behaviour and respect are a basis for learning Anak Harimau. Respect is one of the most important qualities among practitioners. Many times some styles are kept secret and only passed on to family members. These elements are combined with elements of modern Pencak Silat. In the island of Bali you can find the Bakti Negara style created by four Pendekars who were veterans of the struggle for Indonesian fredom against the Dutch.

Normally they practice outside, in contact with nature and this is the reason why many sinhgalang mimic and learn from wild animals. He knew that in MMA fights, grapplers take big risks because the amount of space that they need to cover to take the opponent down. To harimaau its roots, the learning of traditional Silek is part of the training of advanced students.

The most important area for martial arts is West Sumatra where the Minangkabao warriors lived.

Afterwards he also moved to more modern styles, even acting as a trainer for self-defence for the Indonesian armed forced. In Sumatra you can find many styles, a large number of which are based on ground fighting due to the singgalany nature of the terrain. Today he lives and works in Jakarta. Music is another important part of Silat. Each style contains different techniques with emphasis on hzrimau fighting strategies.


Pencak Silat ist development and living knowledge. It grows and lives with everyone who is studying it. Well, he found it in Sumatra. Many thanks to Pak Haji for his generosity.

Falling, Throwing, Locks and even massage and basic anatomy are also part of the curriculum. He felt that somewhere out there, there must be a martial art that covers that gap in a much smoother way. Anak Harimau encompasses the four aspects common for Pencak Silat. Recently he participated in the production of the movie ‘Merantau’ as choreographer of the singgapang arts scenes.

He trained there for a few weeks until he felt confident enough to return to Thailand and build the bridge between the ground and the standing up fighting. In the island of Java especially in west Java and in central Java you can find hundreds of styles. Silat is an important part of the lives of Indonesian people. He is master and regular practitioner of hzrimau styles.

The richness of the hundreds of styles makes the art full of tricks and each style has unique footwork. Each Pendekar knows a number of different secret skills and some of these are very deadly. Pencak Silat is the official name used to describe more than styles of martial arts from harimxu schools in hariau 13, islands of Indonesia.