Posts about henry wittenberg written by Tyrone Turner. According to Dictionary. com, Isometrics is an exercise or a program of exercises to. Henry Wittenberg’s model book “Isometrics” will encourage the reader to build up to full body strength endurance, max strength. I was reading through Isometrics by Henry Wittenberg online today. H. Wittenberg was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling in and later.

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Send a private message to isorez. When any bodybuilder was asked how he achieved his ismoetrics gains, he would follow the example set by Bob Hoffman. He knew the Soviets were up to something, but what? Isotonic contractions on the other hand involve repeating a fixed set of movements while placing strain on a particular muscle.

henry wittenberg | The Minimalist Martialist Method

First, let’s explain the difference between the two terms. The breath should not be held and the contractions should not be maintained too long without breaks. People thought it had no value on it’s own, which is a shame as isometric exercises DO work.

He didn’t even tell the athletes what he was doing, telling them they were getting Vitamin B12 injections. And as we said above, a potential hazard is provided by anything practised to excess. Isometric exercises are easy to learn. In an isometric exercise the muscle stays the same length regardless of the amount of force being used, as, for example, when trying to lift something that is too heavy to move, wittenbeg when as in the picture below the muscle is trying to contract but is being prevented from doing so by an equalizing pressure from another muscle.


Isometrics – Henry Wittenberg – Transformetrics Forums

Or are they more suitable for building strength? One of the most problematic areas in isometrics is their ability to increase blood pressure dramatically and thus make them inappropriately dangerous for people suffering from hypertension. Besides writing one of the best isometric books ever OK. He was a self made man founder of the York Barbell company and extremely patriotic. The time now is But it is supported by the wwittenberg internet quote.

And where to they stand relative to isotonics?

Since that time research has determinted that holding your breath is dangerous and not desirable. A link to that site is provided belowbut from it we quote the following: The best exercises that I have found for seniors are isometric or resistance exercises. The other places a muscle in a contracted position for a period of time.

Is Isometrics better than Isotonics? On the other hand, because the results of such isometric contractions are less obvious than those of isotonic exercises, there may be a tendency for people to over-engage in them.

henry wittenberg

The isometric exercise is generally regarded as more effective for maintaining muscle strength than for building muscle strength, hence it may be recommended for purposes of rehabilitation. One, they were training in a German technique called “Functional Isometrics”. I was doing a search today At my age Henry Wittenberg was one of my early heros.


Muscle is not being shortened Muscle being shortened when leg is lifted. All times are GMT In an isotonic exercise the muscle shortens when something is being lifted, as for example, the raising of the leg in the second picture.

So, what did Bob do? Most gym exercises are qittenberg. Contact Us – Transformetrics – Archive – Top. Wittenberg was an Olympic gold medalist in wrestling in and later an coach and instructor. This occurs, for example, when working out with weights and is most effective at training large muscles.

They are effective for sculpting and strengthening the body, and they pose very little health threat to the body. Those books you could wittenbeerg where often written by people who didn’t know the first thing about isometrics or isometric contractions.

Whereas certain isotonic exercises, particularly those that can be practised easily and daily – such as walking – would be more beneficial to health.