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Fasa’i reports how the shah managed to conquer the province of Khorassan, arrested and executed the last Afshar pretender and subdued his own brother to secure his rule and went in fruitful negotiations with the emirs of Afghanistan, Marv and Bukhara.

The Persians at this time were Zoroastrians, and were a wonderful people. I am tarikhii persian and i am proud of it. Sardar Sepah went to the port of Bushehr to prepare the reception for the Shah’s arrival.

Unbiased truth December 27, at All principles the British needed no reminder of except for the fact that they were quite willing to forget them when it came to countries they did not judge worthy of such consideration when such consideration would interfere with their imperial plans.

Furthermore, Makki gave an accurate account what really happened in those crucial days. Etimad os-Saltaneh also reports about audiences and official receptions for foreign envoys and ambassadors as well as he received his notables, courtiers, ministers and governors.


You are overly biased. Fath Ali Shah had more than 90 direct descendants Have you even read it?

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Which in this case it is. Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar in his interesting article “Persia’s honor: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Masaelhaye siasi, hoghughe bashar va zan, va democracy- ina nazare mardomro avaz mikonan, na ye filmi ke bad az 10 sal faramosh khad she.

Herodotus, wrote about this these events hundreds of years after they occurred, so one of education can ketabb the accuracy of this information to be misleading. Actually they were great and educated people under Islam.

If you want to be taken seriously, learn to spell, and read! Both authors report that Fath Ali Shah, despite from his life of comfort and pleasure-seeking in the harem quarters of his several palaces, reorganized the administrative apparatus into a well-running central system; how he supported ttarikhi trade and craftsmanship and revived the arts.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This article by the American historian Alex Beam sheds some light on tarokhi misleading the movie has been in showing what really happened.

The Father of Lies overtly-biased account of the Battle of Thermopyle, in which the Persian destroyed the tiny Spartan army of madmen on the Greek land.

Dowleh and the minister Nosrat od-Dowleh a treaty which made Iran de facto a British colony or at least a protectorate. He appointed his sons as governors of different provinces or regions.


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Impiratoriye Iran chize khob ya nik nabod. This expression of sincerity and affection to the Shah by the public was intended for Sardar Sepah to understand that they loved democracy and a Constitutional monarch,” p. Mohammad Hassan Mirza were on better terms with Ktab Khan. The constituent assembly had no legal authority to do so. At this tragic moment when the future of my country is at risk, all jetab thoughts are with my people,to whom I address this declaration: You cant claim whatever you want and expect everyone to believe you.

For these reason if you had offered me the whole world I would not resign. Email required Address never made public.

Islami Tarikhi Sachi Kahanian

Mostowfi supported the idea a Qajar prince succeeded Ahmad Shah rather than Reza Khan, who he judged inappropriate. Btw Herodotus was considered the father of lies by Plutarch, because Plutarch considered Herodotus far too sympathetic to the Persians.

Plutarch was a moral historian, whilst Herodotus tried to be an objective historian.