Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Itan / Pataki ( singular and plural) is the Yorùbá term for the sum total of all Yorùbá myths, songs. Pataki of Obara (6). 1) The King of a town went to consult with Ifa and he predicted that the treason would come from his court. The King did not believe since half. A patakí is a brief story used in Santería and Ifá. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Oral tradition There are many discrepancies on pronunciations, and written forms of some of the Yoruba words in Lucumí literature. Many words are Spanish. Because.

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Basic Interpretation of Oyeku.

Yemaya abandons Arganyu in Oshuns Ile. The Birth of War and Prophecy. A few days passed and all the children returned now with the worst foods they could find Eel, fried skunk, chocolate covered yorubsa all that one could imagine and Plate by plate Obatala tasted and declared each one worse than the other.

Itan /Pataki of Creation as told by the Orisha – The Yoruba Religious Concepts

The separation of Oya and Yemaya. Ibu Kole’s return to the kingdom. Shango meets Asojano on the way. Pastelitos De Guayaba for Eleggua.

Shango learns the truth. When they arrived in the spot of the fire there they found Jegbe completely nakedJegbe did as Eleggua had told himhe asked for regal robes in exchange he would lead them to Oyo and his father the King. Oggun and his abuses.


A tangled web of confusion. Orunmila told them that Ogun needed to create the longest chain he can possibly create. One by one they offered Obatala a sample of food from Patakirs, duck, goat, chicken, fish and many others – Every animal on earth laid at his feet for him to savor.

Eyioko 2 mouths speaking.

Yemaya and Arganyu Ibu Agana is born. History of Obi the coconut. The stewed tongue that he had offered just days before.

Obatala fears for his daughters. Knowing this, Obatala went to Ogun and asked him to make the longest chain he had ever made, and so he did.

English to Yoruba e. Transformation from Yemaya to Yemaya Achaba. Lastly Olodumare turns to the mother of creation. Shango and Oyasay not to doubt the orisaYou must trust them always, The doubt overshadows the heart and weakens the strength. Ingredients for traditional foods for the orisha. Oba abandons the world. Other Itan Pataki of Orisha.

English to Yoruba m. Rice Pudding for Obatala. Baked Apples for Chango. English to Yoruba x,y,z. Yemaya and Arganyu Ibu Agana is born. Yoruabs had to know what it was: You brought me patakied same dish just days ago as the Best food that you could offer me and you won my prize, why do you know bring me the same food as the worst food?


Tembleque for Obatala and all all orisha.

The True History of Santa Barbara. Ogunda 3 mouths speaking. Heaven’s Punishment for the world.

The Transition to Obatala. Black eyed pea cakes and Corn Cakes. Olodumare speaks to all the Orisha. Oya breathes the fire.

One day he told his father he wanted to be a hunterBut the king asked him to learn patakoes the town first with the cows and goats and horses, and he refused. Origins of many foods here in the United States. English to Yoruba b.

Okana 1 mouth speaking. Ebo and Addimu the differences between the two. Transformation from Yemaya to Yemaya Achaba. Orisas end on earth and birth of Human beings. The True History of Santa Barbara. Olodumare talks to Ibu Kole. The Birth of War and Prophecy.