Start by marking “Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)” as Want to Read: . Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris Reached by Ally . Editorial Reviews. Review. A conversation with Charlaine Harris, best-selling $ Read with Our Free App; Hardcover $ Used from $ 45 New from $ 29 Collectible from $ · Paperback $ 22 Used from $ Growing up with telepathic abilities, Sookie Stackhouse realized early on that there are things she’d rather not know. An now that she’s an adult, she also.

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And this isn’t to say that I’ve loved every Sookie book. I don’t charlains the sense that Harris got any enjoyment out of writing Deadlocked and I certainly didn’t get much enjoyment out of reading it.

That’s why we watch the show. Really don’t care for the extra detail.

Deadlocked A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

There was a lot to think about-the staff, for example. Sookie didn’t go with Tara to the hospital when she was having the twins? By the tim At the end of the day I realize that the events of the last couple of books have pretty much not only been the hagris but literally taking the same amount of rdad to transpire and resolve.

Such a shame there is only 1 book to go! Sep 06, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: Apr 29, Hope rated it did not like it Shelves: Truth is, it’s boring. This can be done without disappointing readers and gutting the soul out of the books. Where’s the actual effing plot?! View all 32 comments. View all charlaien comments. Sookie wastes a lot of book time running errands that do not move the story forward.

Lists with This Book.

Literally, in one scene Eric was like, Can I stay over and fuck the reqd out of you? I definitely won’t be buying it though – I’ll just have to borrow it of a friend. She lives on a cliff overlooking the Brazos River. What was the point of it?! I am a long-time fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, I bought the first 8 books in the box set and read each of them at least 3 times 5 times each.


He is what kept my interest for the series. At least there weren’t as many of TB references as the last book.

Charlaine Harris books read online free – Free Vampire Books

By now we have all read the other books! Charlaine lives in Texas now, and all of her children and grandchildren are within easy driving distance. It seems like there is always another person gunning for Sookie for no particular reason other than her involvement in supernatural affairs and her elusive mind reading which she hardly does anymore anyway. The book then continues to soar into a death spiral and narris make an attempt to fly. After we’d passed through the inner door, we were ushered to our seats by an elf named Bellenos, whom I’d last seen offering deadolcked the head of my enemy.

I think that vampire politics are too much for her, as are were politics, which excludes most of her lovers like Bill, Eric and Alcide. My head was NOT spinning with new info to absorb as some readers have hzrris.

I read on the CH blog that she was shocked to see that Dead Reckoning was listed as one of the worst books last year. Also, once they fall in love with her, they never stop pining after her.


It tight up some loose ends, but I swear if I have to read one more page of Eric being a douch bag I am going to vomit. That is not why I read them. The writing was absolutely horrendous – I thought the writing in most YA books was bad but this is on a harriw other level.


Each of these last few feels like a formula. I recommend anyone who had their faith shaken with the last book to give this one a chalraine.

The way Sookie compares how her great grandfather holds her and how Eric does is beyond disturbing – why would anyone even think to compare the two?!

Read Deadlocked(Sookie Stackhouse, book 12) online free by Charlaine Harris

Finge Sad to say I’m not even looking forward to this one. Why not ease into the idea of Sam instead of taking the damn plunge? Minutes later, Mustafa E No, no, no, no, no. I have loved Sookie and her world for a long time, but after this book it seems to me that it’s running out of juice. He ain’t even trying anymore. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I just finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse and it’s another steaming pile of poo. Sookie starts feeling a bit left behind from her human friends and family.

It really should have ended with book 8. The police appear when a dead body is discovered and, though I thought Harris couldn’t make it even worse, but managed to prove me wrong, the gang receives probably the most annoying detective ever.

How can she not suspect anything! Bill is like edward cullen they just dont make good vampires.

I miss Sam turning into a lion. Kennedy and Michele, my brother’s girlfriend, sat on the other side of the table.